If you sell products online, you need traffic to your website. You
can buy it with advertisements, or you can get it for free from
search engine traffic. In this article, I'll show you how to do
exactly that. 

Search engine traffic is ideal. Think about it - they put in a
search term, and then they actively click on your website. This is
highly targeted traffic. If you get high rankings for the right
search terms, that you know convert searchers into customers, you
can make a killing. 

What if you got a high ranking for 100's of these keywords? Can
anyone say market place dominance?

Okay, so here's how you get search engine traffic. It really boils
down to two things - on site optimization and off site

You have to understand what the search engine "sees" when the visit
your website. It's just a bunch of code to them. So you have to
make what they read in the code match what they are looking for.
And what search engines want is to the deliver the most relevant

So you have to demonstrate that your site is extremely relevant.
This means your header tags should have those keywords in it that
you want to rank high for it. This means that the majority of your
content on your page must be related to the keyword you're seeking
high ranking for. 

Not just the keyword itself, but also phrases that are semantically
similar to it. For example, Pasta is semantically similar to
spaghetti. So you have to optimize your pages so that the search
engines say - hey this would make sense to rank this page high for
a certain term. 

But that's only half the story. Probably more important than what
you say about yourself on your own website is what others are
saying about you on their website. The search engines keep track of
this through links. 

Who's linking to your site? In general, the more links the better.
And even better still, a link from a powerful site like CNN or MSN
is going to carry more weight than a link from my grandma's blog.

So if you want to get search engine traffic, you need to figure out
what the major things are the search engines would like to find
when they come to your site. Then, you also need to do a link
building campaign to get links coming in from other relevant and
authoritative sites.