WOW has this post been blown out of proportion!!

What I have laid out are best practices, the lessons that I have learned that are the most likely to keep you out of trouble! Take it or leave it, I am only trying to help.

My software is NOT any more compliant then sendblaster, I did not say it was. You guys are missing the entire point of the post, it;s the full strategy that keeps you out of trouble and delivery high. Heck. use what you want or don’t want, I am truly only wanting to help.

I have also been VERY upfront about why I was banned from the WF, it had 100% nothing to do with the legality of mail sending and everything to do with somebody complaining. That’s the ENTIRE point of doing it RIGHT, not just legal.

You very may be able to just send away from your regular email, but if you start sending BULK email you better have it right.

BULK EMAIL!! = 250 or more emails daily!!

Hey everybody,

I got a TON of emails after this mornings email from me. So I thought I should get this out fast. Emailing can be great if done right and horrible if done wrong.

Let’s get to it, this is 101 mailing. Mostly the how-to section, not the why section. :-)

This applies specifically to scraping but could be applied to any cold emailing.

1. NEVER send a cold email from your main domain. Buy a domain here NOT godaddy or any other like that. These guys are an

offshore company and not as fast to drop the hammer on you. They also provide a free private whois. Make sure you use that.

Have this domain name be associated with your main domain name. So your own domain may be, have the new one be or anything like that.

2. Host the new domain offshore also. I have room on my server and if there is interest I can get you in on there too for minimal cost.

3. For regular cold emails you can use your new domain, but not bulk emails . . . Yet.

4. Scaped emails, what we do – and it works great.

We generate a list of like 1000 yahoo email accounts (you can buy these from also). Then we user out Mailer Bot (7 day demo here:

We use private proxies for our mailer bot. You can get some here: You can use the semi dedicated

We use the mailer bot to send email to the scraped emails using the yahoo emails to send with. We only mail each scraped email ONCE, therefore we do not have to include an opt out, as we opt them out after the first send. Put an address at the very bottom of the email, way at the bottom.

Do not use a subject that is misleading like “message from your sister”, you get the idea. You do not have to announce that it advertising, you just need a subject line that is legit, something like: Get in line for your unsecured loan now!

We use “spinning” ( for the subject and the message. This is how most emails get caught in filters. They use the same content. So we spin the emails. Make sure that all variations read correctly. You can go here

And use the spintax format on the right.

We do not EVER place affiliate links in cold emails, that’s the best way to get banned from whoever you are an affiliate for.

From the cold email we drive them to an opt in for and an autoresponder like the one we have here . Using this system we do not get spam complaints and we aren’t limited on the emails we send out.

When sending now continue to use your new mailing domain, keeping your business domain completely clear of any issues and clean for regular business emails.

The Crux of emailing:

The biggest problem with emailing is that you have

1. What the law says is legal

2. What the ISPs and other are willing to except

I got a lifetime ban form the Warrior forum doing something that was 100% legal. You could check off every item on the CAN-SPAM act on my emails, and I still got banned as a spammer. Even with a great reputation to that point.

So that is a great example how some people react. I don’t want to scare you here, it just needs to be knows that this is not trivial.

Protect yourself, try not to be spammy, only send to a scraped email ONCE and use the Yahoo accounts to start the process, then get them on that autoresponder.

We are going to leave comments un-moderated unless it get’s crazy.

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