Viral Lead Machine Review!

The Viral Lead Machine is just slick as all get out.!

If you are looking for viral marketing, this solution is amazing!! And it launches on Aug 28th! Check out the review video we did below!

We will also be adding another video on Aug 26th and have some killer bonuses of our own that we are adding on Wednesday the 27th!


Viral Lead Machine Works! Here’s The Proof! Watch This:

Bonus #1 – Turning Traffic Into Gold!

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report-300When you make the commitment to yourself to increase your sales starting from today, you’ll get everything mentioned below…

  • This awesome course is divided into 3 Volumes – 4 parts per  volume
  • Over 5 hours 40 minutes of solid content.
  • All 12 audios come in MP3 and WAV format.
  • All 3 volume’s Ebooks come in Word, RTF, ODF and PDF format


Bonus #2 – FB Cash Formula!

“You’re about to discover how you can tap into 1.5 billion users and start generating $300+ per day thanks to Facebook! It’s time to take control of your financial destiny and start making REAL money online with an effective, profit-pulling FB system!”

DVD-maxYou will discover:

  • Paid methods for building a profitable follow up – If you want to get serious, these paid methods are the way to go. I left no stones unturned. I will show you everything you need to know in order to build your follow up for mere pennies per click.
  • How to make even more money with MORE techniques that work like gangbusters – I’m providing very easy and step-by-step techniques that will make you more money. Diversification is the key to online riches.
  • How to get dirt cheap clicks that will literally “drag” visitors to your affiliate offers – The most important thing in your “Facebook Business” is to buy extremely cheap clicks and increase your click-through rate (CTR) and that’s covered in great depth in my course!
  • Proven methods to understand your audience and how to transform them into BUYERS – It is no secret that in order to sell something, you need to understand your audience. Along with some effective tools, I will take you by the hand and show you how you can easily understand your audience’s needs. You can effectively sell them something they will almost desperately want!
  • How to create customers from audiences, the key for lower cost per click (CPC) and high-converting Facebook squeeze pages – I will show you how to combine WordPress + Facebook + a secret plugin in order to create FB squeeze page that will suck-in subscribers!
  • How you can set up ultra-targeted ads in Facebook – Facebook ads is the number one way to get cheap and most importantly, TARGETED traffic that will purchase anything you have to offer.
  • Out-of-the-box strategies to churn winning campaigns – How many campaigns would you launch if you could make at least $300 per day with each one?
  • “Weird” techniques that will allow you to use KILLER and CTR-generating ad images – This is very simple. If you use the right images, you can trigger a huge avalanche of clicks to your ad. In this section of the course, you will discover my secret techniques that allows me to get a heart-stopping CTR!
  • And much, much more!

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What can I do to help you?

Hey there,

As you know I have a fair reach, meaning when I reach out, as I am doing with this email it gets to a fair number of people, which is awesome! I have spent a lot of time and energy making that happen.

But I want it to be more than that. One of the main goals that drives my companies is doing good for others, this is why we work so hard on our products and try to deliver REAL value, not just perceived value.

Anyway, there are other ways to help people too . . . and I want YOU to tell me how I can help you! It doesn’t even have to be money related. If I can put my reach to good use for you and I think it’s a good fit, I am happy to do that for you.

Here is the “ask” that started this for me and I would love if you guys could help out.

Pete Kos, a guy who has been on my list forever it seems, want’s to give a talk at the Denver Startup Week. They are using a voting system (you need a  Linkedin account) to determine who’s talks are given, he asked me to vote for him. I did as did Chuck.

If you could also just give it the “thumbs up”, Pete a long time member of this list would greatly appreciate it!

The link is here:

To vote just click on the circled part below and log into Linkedin

And then just click on the thumb!


It’s a pretty darn easy thing sometimes to have a real and positive impact on another’s life. I know this means the world to Pete and it’s literally just a minute or so of your time.

If we can do something to help you, please just comment below!



Bulk emailing, trying to do it without getting in trouble

WOW has this post been blown out of proportion!!

What I have laid out are best practices, the lessons that I have learned that are the most likely to keep you out of trouble! Take it or leave it, I am only trying to help.

My software is NOT any more compliant then sendblaster, I did not say it was. You guys are missing the entire point of the post, it;s the full strategy that keeps you out of trouble and delivery high. Heck. use what you want or don’t want, I am truly only wanting to help.

I have also been VERY upfront about why I was banned from the WF, it had 100% nothing to do with the legality of mail sending and everything to do with somebody complaining. That’s the ENTIRE point of doing it RIGHT, not just legal.

You very may be able to just send away from your regular email, but if you start sending BULK email you better have it right.

BULK EMAIL!! = 250 or more emails daily!!

Hey everybody,

I got a TON of emails after this mornings email from me. So I thought I should get this out fast. Emailing can be great if done right and horrible if done wrong.

Let’s get to it, this is 101 mailing. Mostly the how-to section, not the why section. :-)

This applies specifically to scraping but could be applied to any cold emailing.

1. NEVER send a cold email from your main domain. Buy a domain here NOT godaddy or any other like that. These guys are an

offshore company and not as fast to drop the hammer on you. They also provide a free private whois. Make sure you use that.

Have this domain name be associated with your main domain name. So your own domain may be, have the new one be or anything like that.

2. Host the new domain offshore also. I have room on my server and if there is interest I can get you in on there too for minimal cost.

3. For regular cold emails you can use your new domain, but not bulk emails . . . Yet.

4. Scaped emails, what we do – and it works great.

We generate a list of like 1000 yahoo email accounts (you can buy these from also). Then we user out Mailer Bot (7 day demo here:

We use private proxies for our mailer bot. You can get some here: You can use the semi dedicated

We use the mailer bot to send email to the scraped emails using the yahoo emails to send with. We only mail each scraped email ONCE, therefore we do not have to include an opt out, as we opt them out after the first send. Put an address at the very bottom of the email, way at the bottom.

Do not use a subject that is misleading like “message from your sister”, you get the idea. You do not have to announce that it advertising, you just need a subject line that is legit, something like: Get in line for your unsecured loan now!

We use “spinning” ( for the subject and the message. This is how most emails get caught in filters. They use the same content. So we spin the emails. Make sure that all variations read correctly. You can go here

And use the spintax format on the right.

We do not EVER place affiliate links in cold emails, that’s the best way to get banned from whoever you are an affiliate for.

From the cold email we drive them to an opt in for and an autoresponder like the one we have here . Using this system we do not get spam complaints and we aren’t limited on the emails we send out.

When sending now continue to use your new mailing domain, keeping your business domain completely clear of any issues and clean for regular business emails.

The Crux of emailing:

The biggest problem with emailing is that you have

1. What the law says is legal

2. What the ISPs and other are willing to except

I got a lifetime ban form the Warrior forum doing something that was 100% legal. You could check off every item on the CAN-SPAM act on my emails, and I still got banned as a spammer. Even with a great reputation to that point.

So that is a great example how some people react. I don’t want to scare you here, it just needs to be knows that this is not trivial.

Protect yourself, try not to be spammy, only send to a scraped email ONCE and use the Yahoo accounts to start the process, then get them on that autoresponder.

We are going to leave comments un-moderated unless it get’s crazy.

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Your privacy is SAFE

Duplicator, taking paid and doing it for FREE

Here is an awesome WordPress plugin that is 100% FREE, replaces some very expensive plugins and that you absolutely need!!

This plugin does the same thing that about 90% of the commercial plugins like backup buddy, wp twin and as host of others. All for FREE.

This is NOT my plugin, I have nothing to do with the plugin other than I think it’s great!

The website is here: Duplicator For WordPress
And the plugin in now in the WordPress repo here: WordPress › Duplicator « WordPress Plugins

The plugin installs just like just about any other WP plugin, upload the plugin as a Zip file via the plugin install interface, activate and go to town.

The following is from the authors themselves:

Once installed you will see it in the admin menu on the left hand side.

Just click on the Duplicator link and a submenu will open.

One of the things that I really like about this plugin is that you can set the settings for the website it is to be cloned for and imported into before you ever “Duplicate”.

To create a clone just hit the “Create Package Set”. A set is the archive and an installer to go with it.

The just download the package and the installer, upload via FTP, Cpanel file manager or whatever your host provides, navigate to the installer and follow directions.

An awesome plugin, it works great for me and it’s FREE!


Affiliate Marketing Tricks

One of the simplest ways to make money online quickly is with
affiliate marketing. That is because you don't have to create the
product yourself, nor do you have to create the advertisements for
it. You just simply have to get people to go through that site, and
if you're the cause of them getting to the site, and they buy, you
make a portion of the sales. 

So I'm going to share with you some simple affiliate marketing
tricks to help you meet with success and start earning some real
money online. 

The first thing you need to understand is the typical affiliate
marketing mindset. Most people who do affiliate marketing are lazy.
So therefore, they take a lot of shortcuts. This is good for us. By
doing just a little bit more than what everybody else is doing,
we'll stand out a lot more. 

What am I talking about? Well, instead of just pasting a link to
the affiliate product, why don't you write a little review? Instead
of just blindly promoting a product, why don't you actually buy it.
Then, here's what you do. Make a video of you just opening the
product up and quickly going through it and reviewing it. 

At the very least, it's proof that you have the product, and that's
a big deal. 

The second thing you can do is sweeten the offer. This means that
you create your own special bonuses for the affiliate product you
are promoting. If they buy from you they get a little something

If you have no idea what to give them, then sometimes the best
thing to do is just give them a bit of additional support. Maybe
create some training videos to go more in depth on how to use the
product. This is especially useful if you're using software. 

Finally, one of my favorite affiliate marketing tricks is to try to
find the "flaw" in the product. Let's say that the flaw in the
product is that, even though the information is good, there is no
action plan. So you point this out. First, this makes people
believe everything else you're saying, because most people try to
hide flaws.

Second, it's the perfect excuse to offer you bonus - the action
plan you created for the product that solves that flaw.

Use these affiliate marketing tricks to come up with your own
ideas, so you can profit online.

Read this Before Buying Your Next Internet Marketing Course

There's a lot of internet marketing courses for sale on the
internet. Some of them are pretty good and others are complete
garbage. Some are cheap and others will cost you five figures.

However, I can give you some advice that should be able to save you
a lot of money, when it comes to buying products online. 

Let me ask you this - do you have a business plan? If you're trying
to make money online, it's important that you treat your efforts
like a business. Otherwise, it's a hobby. And people rarely get
rich off of hobbies. 

Alright, so if you don't have a business plan, then you need to
create one. Why? Well, if you don't know where you're going, it
doesn't matter how you get there. In other words, all kinds of
different courses on internet marketing are going to appeal to you.

The problem is, you're unlikely to stay focused on any one of them,
because you don't have a final destination. This is your worst

The first thing you need to do is sit down and ask yourself this -
where would I like my online business to be in five years? Come up
with how much money you'd like to make, and also what you'll do to
make it. 

Then come up with an idea of where you'd like to be 3 years from
now. Then one year from now. Then 6 months from now. 

Okay, so now that you have your 6 month plan, it's really easy to
determine if the next hot internet marketing course is right for
you. Just ask yourself this question – will this course help me get
closer to my business goals, or will it just distract me? Yep, it's
that easy.

Now, I'm sure you're begging the question - if it's that easy, how
come nobody does it? Well think about it - how sexy is it for these
big gurus to market goal setting and business planning. It's much
more sexy to talk about the latest, neatest online tricks and

That's why the important stuff gets glossed over. But I guarantee
that you go to these top marketers and ask to see their business
plan, they'll be able to whip it out and show you in a heartbeat.
They do it, and you should do it to  if you want to get the results
they get. 

Then, you will be able to create and sell your own internet
marketing course.

Search Engine Traffic – How to get it

If you sell products online, you need traffic to your website. You
can buy it with advertisements, or you can get it for free from
search engine traffic. In this article, I'll show you how to do
exactly that. 

Search engine traffic is ideal. Think about it - they put in a
search term, and then they actively click on your website. This is
highly targeted traffic. If you get high rankings for the right
search terms, that you know convert searchers into customers, you
can make a killing. 

What if you got a high ranking for 100's of these keywords? Can
anyone say market place dominance?

Okay, so here's how you get search engine traffic. It really boils
down to two things - on site optimization and off site

You have to understand what the search engine "sees" when the visit
your website. It's just a bunch of code to them. So you have to
make what they read in the code match what they are looking for.
And what search engines want is to the deliver the most relevant

So you have to demonstrate that your site is extremely relevant.
This means your header tags should have those keywords in it that
you want to rank high for it. This means that the majority of your
content on your page must be related to the keyword you're seeking
high ranking for. 

Not just the keyword itself, but also phrases that are semantically
similar to it. For example, Pasta is semantically similar to
spaghetti. So you have to optimize your pages so that the search
engines say - hey this would make sense to rank this page high for
a certain term. 

But that's only half the story. Probably more important than what
you say about yourself on your own website is what others are
saying about you on their website. The search engines keep track of
this through links. 

Who's linking to your site? In general, the more links the better.
And even better still, a link from a powerful site like CNN or MSN
is going to carry more weight than a link from my grandma's blog.

So if you want to get search engine traffic, you need to figure out
what the major things are the search engines would like to find
when they come to your site. Then, you also need to do a link
building campaign to get links coming in from other relevant and
authoritative sites.

So what the heck I$ Working Now?

So I have had this URL for ages and decide to finally start using it. Can you believe it? :-)
As many of you know, I have been an affiliate marketer (and more) for years. For many of those years I really depended on Google, (as much as I hated them) for traffic. Through what I will call “power SEO” we were often able to almost force our way on to the first page, often paying us quite well.

Well things have changed quite a bit and SEO has changed a lot, so it’s getting a bit harder for us guys that just don’t like to work too hard. Like a lot of you, I don’t mind killing myself with I want to do but hate doing anything I don’t enjoy . . .  but God only knows, that’s usually a large part of putting food on the table.

So my question to you . . . what is working for you NOW, offline or online.

For instance, we are working on some Craigslist stuff that’s working well for us right now. The Scribe videos are working well for us (Posted here by Chuck in case you missed it

We are trying to consolidate this year so we are really looking for those “gems” and just passing on a lot of other stuff. So I’ll ask again:

What is working for you NOW, offline or online.